Ginja Espinheira 100cl Lisboa - Mercearia do Vinho

Ginja Espinheira 100cl Lisboa


"Ginginha", is a traditional Portuguese liquor that can be drunk in Lisbon. The story goes that on the advice of a friar of the Church of Saint Anthony, the Espinheira made the experience of letting the sour cherries ferment into brandy, then adding sugar, water and cinnamon. The accounts of the time say that the success was immediate, either because it is a sweet drink or because it is cheap, starting the tradition. Made from alcohol and obtained from the maceration of the cherry fruit, a fruit very similar to cherry, both in the visual and in the taste, and that uses only natural products, without any artificial preservatives in its production. This liqueur is a blend of sweet and bitter with a hint of cinnamon. For its sweetness, it becomes, very easy to drink. 

Type: Liqueurs
Country: Portugal
Region: Lisboa
Producer: Francisco Espinheira
Alcohol/Vol: 23,0%
Size: 100cl


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