Mercearia's Wine Tastings

Want to learn more about Portuguese wine and know why everyone is talking about it?

We offer a range of personalised wine tasting sessions tailored to your needs and group size. Maybe you’d like an overview of the country’s wine offering, or just to focus on one specific region, like Douro or Alentejo? Or perhaps you want something a bit more special, and to try a few of our Portuguese cheeses too?

Get in touch today to book your personalised wine tasting.

"A delightful experience which really enhanced our trip. In an elegant and personalised setting we learned so much from our informative and charming expert, as well as tasting some magnificent Portuguese wines across a wide range of style and cost - and with no hard-sell. We particularly enjoyed learning about the 'family vineyards'; a speciality of the Mercearia. With his excellent English, our host also patiently answered all our questions making it a really enjoyable introduction, the afternoon fitting perfectly into our itinerary. Highly recommended." Liz, Brighton UK


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