About us

Our independent family-run wine shop specialises in finding the best wines Portugal has to offer. From the famed Port wines in the north to the new generation of young producers in the islands of Azores, we have a wine for every palate and budget. And we want to share our passion for Portuguese wine and our traditions with you.

Literally translated, the word ‘mercearia’ means ‘grocery store’ - which is exactly how we started out over 60 years ago, when our grandma opened the shop’s doors for the first time. As well as supplying neighbours with groceries, she was known for providing great conversation, with customers often staying for hours to catch up on the latest news and gossip.

Today, our produce may have changed, but the relaxed, traditional atmosphere has stayed the same (which is why we kept the name). We’re proud to have stayed true to our roots. So if you want a good chat over a glass of wine like old times, just ask for the owner.